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Originally Posted by G36's Rule View Post
No, we are not devoid of this "understanding" we have just seen it in action far more than you have. And we have watched guys like you compromise us too much. That has been the entire history of this battle since 1968.

Get over yourself. You are not the first to think he could control the fight without first showing you are willing to fight.
If you think that at this very moment, that there is any battle we could win, in any way, shape or form, you're absolutely friggin' high. The court of popular opinion has already ruled following the shootings in CT, and the recent spate of similar incidents.

We are are not facing off against our normal opponents, the same list of characters that support anti-gun legislation. We are facing an entire country of people emotionally over-reacting to these shootings, that are DEMANDING anti-gun legislation. They are calling and writting and e-mailing their elected officials every damn day, demanding that they do something, or they will be removed from office.

And you think the smart thing to do is dig our heels in and not give one inch. And that very attitude and behavior could absolutely end up with the 2A being crushed.

I certainly hope the folks at the NRA are smarter than you.
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