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I'm not reading every post in the thread to check, but if someone hasn't already pointed it out, the 'gun show loophole' isn't about gun shows. It's about eliminating private face-to-face sales completely. They say 'end the gun show loophole' but the effect will be that all gun sales will required to go through an FFL. That means FFL fees, NICS fees, and of course $ale$ tax. But more importantly, it gives the government oversight of all firearm transfers. Once they get that, they start selling the public on the next step (registration).
I agree that this is what it's about. Stopping all private sales that currently don't require a NICS check and collecting the tax. In MN there are a lot of sales through local forums. Most self regulate and require a PTP or PTC before they will complete the transaction.
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I've learned over the years that if you don't get exactly what you want, you'll never satisfy the desire. :cool:
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