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Originally Posted by gwalchmai View Post
Can you point to some examples where throwing the antis a bone resulted in an expansion of gun rights? They are a ratchet, like a boa constrictor tightening with your every exhalation.
You are trying to understand what is happening RIGHT NOW, by looking to the past, and this may have grave consequences.

NOTHING, no other tragedy in recent times, has effected the anti-gunners, libs and hippies like this recent shooting in CT. You are trying to decide what to do now, based on what has happened in the past, and you're not understanding the dire situation we find ourselves in now. When NRA "A" rated conservative Republicans are throwing in the towel to stay in office, you should know that things are really, really bad.

The last decade has seen a dramatic increase in our rights. To assume that we will never see any set-backs, to not be able to accept any set-backs, is pure political folly.

Over time our gun rights will ebb and flow with the political winds sweeping across this country. But to be able to hold onto the core of the 2A, we have to know when to bend. Because if we do not bend, and RIGHT THE HELL NOW, we could really, really screw ourselves.

We must do someting positive in the court of public opinion, and we need to do it right now.

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