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Originally Posted by gwalchmai View Post
M&P, I am seriously worried about you. I thought you believed in freedom. Freedom is absolute - it's not something you can bargain away to "pacify" people who want to take it away.
And hereine layeth the problem.

Freedom is absolutely NOT ABSOLUTE.

It requires a constant vigilance and sacrifice. It requires working hard and taking the initiative.

In short, it requires engaging in and working our political system hard. Which means knowing when to bend but not break, and how to craft legislation that LOOKS like we bend, but actually causes no harm to our.....cause.

But we as gun owners have dug our heels in, and absolutely refused to play the political game, which controls EVERYTHING in this country. And in doing so, we are driving the nails into our own coffins.

The NRA could work to close this non-existant loop-hole, in a manner which really does NOTHING, but give the anti-gunners a political win. And if we also ask for additional concessions from the other side which do MORE to help our cause (in exchange for closing the gun-show loop-hole), we could actually come out ahead in this game.

And if you don't think that we must give the anti-gunners a political win, you are sorely not understanding how things work in this country. Right now every elected official is getting letters and e-mails by the hundreds of thousands that demand their action, and threatening to remove them from office if they don't do something. Even NRA "A" rated conservative Republicans have already come out and said they will support some type of anti-gun legislation. That should clearly demonstrate how close we are to losing BIG TIME!

But this would require a level of political savy and understanding that most here seem to be completely devoid of. All I'm hearing is children pouting and chanting "NO! NO! NO!".

We are our own worst enemy.

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