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Originally Posted by Z71bill View Post
Add a 10 day waiting period and you have ENDED ALL GUN SHOWS and pretty much killed off private FTF sales.
What part of "only at gun shows" is confusing you?
Again, if we (through the NRA) craft the legislation, we can make sure that FTF sales are not infringed upon.

The simple way to do this, is to force anyone that sets up a table inside a gun-show, to use 4473s and NICS. This will shut the idiots up.

It would NOT STOP folks from heading out to the parking lot (or driving a mile down the road) to do a FTF transaction, or infringe upon any other manner of FTF transaction.

This way the anti-gunners are satiated, and we still have lost nothing in our rights and freedoms.

Everyone else but us (through the NRA) is playing the political game. And we are may lose BIG, because we refuse to play them at their own game. It's all about political correctness, social agenda, and how we're viewed in the media. And we keep missing that.

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