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Originally Posted by G36's Rule View Post
Yes, lots of times. Perfectly legal as it should be.

I gotta mull this new info over. I did not know that such things occured.

On the face of it, if for no other reason than to remove the "gun show loop-hole" phrase from the anti-gunners lexicon, it might be wise to consider shutting it down.

I get the "slippery slope", I understand that the private sales of firearms has had little to do with any of these shootings. Still, perhaps if we supported not allowing private sales at gun shows, we could shut them up a bit.

I don't's a double edged sword. We don't need anymore gun legislation. But then criminals are most certainly getting their guns that way.

Screw it, I saw close it. Folks can still do face-to-face transactions free of governmental interference. Just make all gun show participants use NICS and 4473s.

I do think as responsible gun owners, it is incumbant on us to help make sure that criminals have as hard a time as possible getting firearms.

Flame suit on.

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