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We'll I wasn't totally accurate with my first post it seems. All my mags are drop free but they don't all seat well. Sorry, I just gave them a quick check without the mag release installed to see if they had a drop free issue. (working a ton of hours and just wasn't ready for full review) I have the same problem as khamill2000 with a lot of G19 mags. If they do seat, they have to be slammed home extra hard.

Same as the pictures he posted. The angle just isn't the same as Glock mags. Front of mags hit the frame.

The front of frame will have to be relieved. The only issue with that would be the proper fit of the lonewolf magwell. You would be reducing the rail thickness and cause a loose fit. I don't see myself using a magwell on that frame. I tried but you would need little kid hands for it to work.

I also feel the mag release may be too loose. It's not flush with the inside of the mag.(where the mag spring attaches) The nose of the mag slams into it at times. My concern would be that some mags have some of the steel liner exposed at the nose. That may start to cause deterioration of the mag release.

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