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NickE is correct. Mine is actually here and was delivered (attempted delivery) today, but my FFL is closed on Sun & Monday......OUCH !! So, my tracking info says it will now be delivered tomorrow (Tues) and I'm like a kid on Christmas Eve.....I probably won't be able to sleep tonight...LOL
I will try and post up some shooting info unless it blows up in my hand. I know RIA is just a "box gun", not like even a Dan Wesson, or Kimber, or whatever, but if it shoots good, and holds together, I'll be a very happy guy. Most "box guns" need varying amounts of rounds fired before they come into there own, and I have a bunch of ammo handy and ready. Mostly handloads with different bullet weights....I was always a fan of a 45 1911 until nickE10mm showed me the light....LOVE THOSE 10's !

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