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Originally Posted by English View Post
I don't deny the existence of what you call a lghtning bolt effect, but, whatever causes it, it is not a supersnic phenomenon. The speed of sound varies with the density of the medium and, although the density of the body varies, its speed of sound is generally well above the speed of the fastest conventional rife bullets.

What is most probably causing the effect is a blood pumping phenomenon to which the so called vital organs are not significant, but which depends on the speed with which the bullet releases its kinetic energy. Thus the 135gn .40 cal is an excellent candidate, but, as you say, it might not work on someone with a thick enough layer of fat.


I tend to agree with you. the 135 40 does seem like a good round at 1500 fps. the 40 is no slouch for sure.

I think the factor is people are getting bigger, a lot of criminals who do not work for a living burn little fat, or they just sit around and deal drugs and burn lass calories.

the 40 SW and 135 at 1500 would be great. it is already 40 caliber going into the BG and same speed at the 357 load. and also expanding.

but that bullet would slow down faster than the 125 grain 357 bullet at the same speed in the body. on a larger guy it might shred most of it's energy in the fat layers.

What the 357 sig and magnum 125 at 1400-1500 does could be a mystery. But it has been proven to work. so much so that after all these years they are trying to copy it.

it is a mystery why the 9mm +p+with a 115 at 1400 has failed and police look to find something better, yet those same police was amazed at the performance of the 357 magnum 125 at 1450 fps from 4 inch and 1550 from 6 inch bbl service revolvers.

The shorter 4 in bbl 357 mag with a 125 at 1450 is only 10 grains more than a 9mm +p+ 115 at 1400 fps, yet agencies like the LAPD had failures with the 115 load and adopted the 147 loads in 9mm

the 9mm +p+124 at 1250 fps are not doing much better.

the is no magic in 1400-1500 fps no magic in using a 124-125 grain bullet, I think it is a combo of both.

the 35 cal 125 seem to go in fast, then expand in the vitals where the caliber needs to be big. Dumping most the the expansion in the fat layers with a light for caliber bullet my not stop a larger bad guy.

I think the 40 with a 135 at 1500 would work if they make the bullet expansion more controlled vs the 35 caliber.
with the right bullet may be a improvement over the 45 acp
and better than the 357 sig.
I plan to get a 40 bbl for my glock 32 anyways.
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