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Originally Posted by mixflip View Post
If you are interested in a general purpose AK you cant really beat a GP WASR 10/63 (the better of the WASR's). GP even stands for general purpose, lol.

Watch this video I made. It might be helpful for anyone new to WASR's? Im no expert but I enjoyed making it for potential WASR shoppers.

AK47 WASR 10/63 review & buyers guide - YouTube
haven't got to watch the video yet, but what exactly is a GP wasr? I bought a wasr from Dunham's, Century Arms, but i don't know if it's a GP WASR or not. How do you tell? What makes a GP WASR better than a regualr WASR? thank you

if you answered this in the vid sorry, I won't be able to watch the video until i get off of work...
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