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Originally Posted by Bren View Post
Seems like a legitimate question.

At the risk of siding with someone I really dislike, IndianaMatt's question is basically a classic - "if god is perfectly good and all powerful, why does he let bad things happen?"

This school shooting seem like a news topic for discussion, like any other, to me. I have to wonder if the people who keep saying it can't be discussed just lack a good answer. I read on the internet that people with no connection at all to this school are sitting home crying and traumatized about the shooting, but I don't know any people like that in the real world, so I have my doubts.
You're leaving out two important considerations and why folks, like myself, were outraged. Go back and look at the a) what time he posted this, and b) look at how he posted it (which you can see on post#8). The kids were laying dead in the school when this scumbag decided it was a good time to ridicule (again, see his OP quote in #8) religion.

You want to debate the belief of whether God plays an active role in shaping current events...fine. However the manner and timing that he chose illustrates that this individual is a disgusting scumbag.

He has no genuine interest in debating the topic in a respectful manner. Look at the idiot's other posts here and in other threads. He's a troll that comes into various areas of the forum with the sole intent of stirring the pot. Here, he apparently decided it would be fun to "nail" people who have religious beliefs by poking fun in a disrespectful manner while children lie dead in a school.

You want to debate the subject...hey, knock yourself and post a general discussion about why such tragedies happen and how could God "allow" such a thing. I have my answers to such questions; however the OP has not earned respect from me (and many others) and I will not dignify his post by engaging in such a discussion. I will say that religious people often look to God for the same answer when they are touched by such a tragedy.

However the manner and timing of this Matt's post shows that he's just out there to troll & intentionally irritate people by ridiculing their religious beliefs immediately following the news of the incident while the bodies of the victims lie dead in the school. He then has the audacity to play 'victim' himself by citing that people are being mean or foregoing their religious beliefs in the manner that they've responded to his disgusting behavior. Guess what, it's called being held accountable for your behavior (you, meaning the OP). Sure, you're free to say most anything. However don't whine like a little ***** when someone throws the crap right back into your face.

Bren, I normally agree with you on many fronts. However hopefully you can see the other factors that play into this thread and why it would be deemed to be done in such bad taste. He's likely fortunate that he can hide behind the internet and that someone like another GT member who lost a relative in the shooting doesn't read his garbage and has no idea where and who the OP is.
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