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Originally Posted by SDGlock23 View Post
To be fair, they did list the 135gr .40 at 96% also, with it's poor sectional density and all. Several other .40's at 94%.
that is a great number. I can believe it if one load of 40 can get 94% then another could get 96%.

I just wonder why the Gold dot loads of the Texas DPS (state police) from te past 20 yeears have been totally ignored by the even marshal study . I know they have a 100% success rate there. Those loads are the weaker speer 125 at 1350 fps from 4 inch bbl 1400 fps from the longer service 4.5 inch bbls. It is like he is totally pi$$ed off the 357 sig out does his handgun rounds and is hiding or bypassing the stats.
I can now see why many people have doubts about his/their studies These caliber and loads have been used by the Texas DPS for almost 20 years. so the excuse of not enough info, isn't going to cut the cake either.


I know no ammo is going to be 100% in any caliber. esp handgun, but those actual statistics can not be ignored.
It is quite possible they might be 97-98% one shot stoppers.

Those underwood 9mm +p+ 124's at over 1300 fps should raise the bar on the 9mm. some people are getting 1350 fps out of glock 17's and it very close to the magical 1400-1450 fps of the legendary 125 357 magnum
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