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Originally Posted by bdcochran View Post

2. Can I build a cabin on a remote piece of property? Sure, go ahead. If you don't violate the state building code, don't violate the local building code. Then again, most states like California do not allow random drilling for water. All water is controlled in water districts that issue/don't issue permits. Now, as for electricity, I am negotiating a situation where a large agricultural building is to be built on rural land. The problem that the guy has is that the local utility will change him $200,000 to pull the power just across the rural 1.5 lane road. So, remember, a utility can charge you for sewer hookup, pulling gas, electricity and water to your rural property.
That is a problem I won't have.

If I can't power it by solar or hydro (hopefully I'll find land with running water on it)... I'll do without. Hell, even in overcast my solar system will give me plenty of light each night. Throw in a hydro-electric system and I might even be able to power a mini-fridge.

I don't get my panties in a twist when the power goes out.

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