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Originally Posted by SCmasterblaster View Post
So true, the .357 Magnum 125gr SJHP has been the king for 40 years.
True, Even Marshal lists the 357 magnum and 45 acp as the tops rounds. both have 2 different bullets that have one shot stops of 96%
Yet Marshal list the 9mm best load at 91% and then puts the Federal 125 357 sig as the best 357 sig load at 92%. a mediocore load.

Yet Why doesn't Marshal list any of the loads the police have been having success with, the Speer gold dots?

Does not the Texas DPS police have like a 100% success rate with this load, and Delaware has 99%..

Yet Marshal completely ignores this data. I have heard "well it's a new caliber and data will take awhile to gather, yet the Texas DPS police has been using this bullet load for almost "20 years".. -1994-
is this caliber and load so good that he is biased against the 357 sig, compared to what he carries and spent his $$ on already.

take care
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