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Picked up my frame a couple of days ago. Finally able to sit down and take a serious look at this after working some crazy hours.
First impressions:
Finish looks very nice and smooth. I think it looks much nicer than the full size proto frame. Very impressive. You'll like it.
Backstraps engage very solid. They hold tighter than the full size with the recent production backstraps.
All my mags drop free.
The improved rail system is a no go on my frame. I have a Glock tac light and it is extremely loose. It rocks left and right and moves foreword and backwards. A lot. My light fits all my other Glocks and my original prototype frame nice and snug. I hope this is not the case with the production frames. I hope a better grade light, like a TLR2, will fit. A Glock light should have worked with a glock replacement frame.

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