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I picked up a blue label Gen4, 17 about three weeks ago. Took it to the range today and it was flawless in 300 rounds. I shot Blazer brass (50 rounds), Remington Golden Saber (17 rounds), Speer Gold Dots (34 rounds), and Winchester White box (200 rounds). I know that is only 300 rounds but I was extremely pleased.

I have 1700 rounds through my Gen4, 19. It had a FTF at around 900 rounds and two FTE around 1000 rounds with a run of Winchester White box. I still think that there were some out of spec rounds but I took it to Smyrna and they replaced the ejector with the newly redesigned one (374?) about a year ago and it has run flawlessly ever since with the original extractor.

I look forward to proving the 17 out over the new few months and years. I do not plan to carry it, just use it as a fun gun and maybe at a GSSF match for my first time if opportunity presents itself.

I also put 50 more rounds through my Gen4, 21. It has run perfectly for the first 550 rounds. The only issue with it was shooting about 2-3 inches high at 15 yards or so. I had added Express sights to it recently and am very pleased with them on this weapon. It is very easy to compensate with these sights.

I am glad to have the Gen4 guns in my collection.


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