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Originally Posted by Arc Angel View Post
What a laugh!

How dare you! First, you godless heathens: foster, aid, and abet an impossible-to-govern social situation; and, then, you dare to complain about the results.

With this sort of, 'higher reasoning' rampant among the general public, that crocodile I watched crying on TV, last night, is sure to end up effectively disarming 300 million people because of a few madmen's sins.

Look at it this way: Those of us who are left are going to have to deal with: Obamacare, continued congressional raids on Social Security assets, more and more godless atheists, and the very serious social problems these unbelieving heathens create. You shouldn't be complaining about a societal defect of which you are more a part of the problem than part of the solution.

I have to wonder: Who, the Hell, are you to criticize the Superior Being and Majesty of that, 'Creative and Creating Power' which you so very clearly fail to understand? Don't you know that, sooner or later, a man MUST stand-to-answer for his every single: word, thought, and deed!

(Adam Lanza is - according to the recorded teachings of The Lord Jesus Christ - finding this out, right now, as I type! Only a completely asinine and godless fool imagines that he can sin ever so despicably, shoot himself in the head, and escape all of the moral consequences. 5,000 years of recorded spiritual history state exactly the opposite result.)

You people shame yourselves with this sort of rhetoric; and, someday, you're going to have to answer to a Higher Power for this blasphemy, too. (Perhaps, even while you're still here!)

Smart men - even disbelieving smart men - would remain silent. So, how about doing those of us who are (and remain) Christian believers a favor and putting a lid on your smug self-righteous indignation. I'm sure you're, 'no particular prize' yourself; and, be patient: Undoubtedly God, in His infinite creative wisdom, will be getting around to you and your problems with divine comprehension sooner rather than later.
I don't think the post of a senseless atheist prick (OP) can be cancelled out with the post of a Holier than thou prick!

Don't you think?
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