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There are some very cool things about the Macbooks, such as the Mag-Safe charger and the aluminum case. But I need to run Windows 7 and dual monitor support each for two pieces of software I use, Cadence PCB Design Studio and Mentor Graphics Hyperlynx. Those two packages will put the hurt on many PCs, especially when running at the same time using four monitors, so I invested in a Dell Precision workstation laptop setup.

There are some nice things about it such that it shares the AC adapter plug with all of the Dell business laptops, the dual graphics cards, the nice docking station, and the two solid-state drives. The nicest thing is that I can upgrade it. The newish Macs have eliminated that as the drives are flash chips soldered to the motherboard as is the RAM. The downside of the Dell is that it is so freaking heavy at more than nine pounds. There is a tradeoff between flexibility and weight.

My daughter runs a Macbook Air and loves it. For goofing off I use a Chromebook. For meetings I take a Dell Latitude and remote desktop into my Precision unless I need to do PCB design. Then I take the big iron with me. I pick the tool for the job I need to do, not for the brand.

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