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Originally Posted by LawScholar View Post
A number of PC makers make Mac-quality cases now. Check out the Dell XPS Ultrabooks & HP Envy Ultrabooks.

The Dell XPS Ultrabook is one I've used for about a week on loan from a friend. It's very, very nice, machined aluminum and carbon fiber. Starting at $1000.

Though my current laptop, about 2 1/2 years old, is an HP Pavilion dv6, and yeah, this thing is kinda junky. One of my hinges is loose and the body feels like a Mattel toy. To be fair to it, I expected it to fall apart within a month or two. I'm a VERY heavy user, my computer is on with diligent notes being taken for hours practically every day, and my typing strikes are pretty hard. But it has hung in there, knock on wood.
So to my point to the guy complaining that the Mac notebook line was dull and lacking design features, in this respect they lead the market and the other makers are following.

My 2 personal machines are a MBP15 and a MBA11. Both dual booting Win7 via parallels.

I purchased the MBA to lighten my travel bag and improve usability over the crappy Dell Latitude my employer issues. It is a phenomenal machine and has become my primary. I take it with me everywhere.

Also in the house I have a 2006 MBP17 in need of a new HDD, a 13MBP, a 13MBA, 2006 MB.

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