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Originally Posted by Kingarthurhk View Post
It proves that you can kill with about anything. You don't need ordinance on a plane to kill. You just need a plane. So, I am guessing owning planes will soon be banned? That only corporations and the military will only be allowed to own aircraft, because it is too dangerous for citizens to have. Which, I think fits well within your modus operedi, doesn't it?
So why do you own self defense type guns? Why do you want access to any weapons we are talking about that is current restricted?

I mean if you can kill with just about anything why do you need any of it?


Because it makes the killing a whole hellua a lot more efficient and easier is why.

Again back to the ability of adults to rationalize.

P51 unarmed in crazy guys hands = smaller risk to society than fully armed (as in 6 x .50 BMG) P51 in same guys hands to use the plane analogy.

Tell you what reply this time and you can have the last word for good cause we are not debating on the same level IMO and I am not going to reply back.
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