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Originally Posted by Kingarthurhk View Post
Planes don't need armament. They are flying bombs. 9/11 proved that.
Wow...just wow.....

His point was that were not seeing any strafing runs even though private citizens had all types of WWII fighter aircraft is private possession. If military grade weapons in the hands of average citizens were dangerous why were we not see these aircraft used as such.

My reply was that they were no longer armed any more than a Cessna was so of course they were not military grade weapons as he implied.

And from that you come up with basically

"yeah but they can still crash into things and cause massive damage."

And that proves what? That almost anything can be used to cause destruction? And that means we should just allow whoever to own whatever because anything can be used as a weapon?

Reed Richards could not make that reach of logic you just did. Congrats.
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