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Originally Posted by RangerGibson View Post
Exactly what I was saying a page back, both operating systems have their uses. How is windows 8 working out for you? I have heard some mixed reviews about it
Win8 took me about 10 minutes to familiarize myself with the start menu/metro interface and menu locations then another 5 minutes to set it up the way I like.
After that it's been fast and stable.
It's different but the same.

I use Win8 for Office and Windows native software. The business world standard is still Windows and will be for the foreseeable future.

I use Ubuntu as my home internet machine. Pretty much virus and malware proof and allows me to surf the seedy side of the net with impunity.

The MBAir is my traveling companion. There's really nothing like it in the ultrabook category. OSX is more secure than Windows, especially when utilizing open networks on the road. If I have any issues while on the road it's nice to have access to an Apple store for immediate repairs. A Lenovo X1 carbon running Ubuntu would make a good replacement, but the MBAir works great right out of the box.

People getting all wound up and married to a computer OS is amusing and sad at the same time.
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