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Originally Posted by eccho View Post
Really dude? I get what your saying but c'mon now. You don't need to be so abrasive.

Crying and tongueout emoticons? That was kind of unnecessary.

"All some of you want to do is moan and groan about how horrible, evil and corrupt things are but don't seem to want to do anything at all to try and fix the system you say is so broken." What on earth is he supposed to do?

I would argue that complaining about something is better than just taking it.

I tell you what, how about I draft a proposal for the revision of the entire political establishment of the United States and send that off to the legislative branch of government?
Yeah really dude.

Did you read what he posted?

"What planet are you living on? The costs are prohibitive for the common citizen. Just to retain a lawyer to BEGIN actions would break my account for like... the rest of my life. The legal system you seem to be so proud of is part of the problem as well. There is no justice in this nation except for those that can pay."

Oh poor me I am a victim of the rich people and their laws.....typical liberal crap. I don't think he is a liberal but darn if that does not sound like one crying about class inequity in America. It's crap from a liberal or whatever political's crap from him IMO. It might be abrasive but his whining was abrasive to me. Not to mention I clearly was not saying he should pocket the cost but align a lawsuit with companies making these weapon systems as I am sure they would love a commercial market if they were legalized.

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