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Use What Works for You...

Ah the ol' Ford vs Chevy, Coke vs Pepsi, PC vs Mac religious wars. Gotta love 'em.

I say: use what works for you. And note that what works for you may not work for someone else.

Since we're all whipping it out...

I'm writing this on my 15" Retina Macbook Pro right now. It's probably my 4th or 5th MBP; I never get rid of the previous ones because they're "broken" or "useless". I get rid of them because I like the specs of the next one. That said, these Retina laptops are phenomenal! Specially the 2880x1800 resolution I'm currently running it at. Just unreal on a 15" screen. But, the potential downside of these specific models of MBPs: they're less end-user serviceable due to choices Apple made. The current generation of MBP that isn't Retina is still end-user serviceable

My previous MBP (now in my mom's hands) was immediately customized by me the second I got it. I ripped the back plate off and upgrade the RAM from 4G to 8, while removing the spinning disk and replacing it with an Intel SSD. Who says you can't work on 'em?

Up in my office, I have what I consider a juggernaut of a Mac Pro that has been highly customized by yours truly after purchasing it. In fact, I purchased it used knowing full well I intended to overhaul it: 2 new Xeon processors, 48G of RAM, PC-based nVidia video card flashed to work properly in a Mac, a Blu-Ray player to replace the OEM DVD-ROM, and an SSD in the second external 5.25" bay to boot from and store applications. That left the other 4 drive bays open for a bunch more drives. That machine is my video editing rig.

But sitting right next to it: my Windows 7 gaming rig. Brand new LGA2011 motherboard and chip, nVidia GTX680 Classified, 2 SSDs striped together for the C: drive, and 3 24" LCD panels connected to it for the full "surround" gaming experience.

In the closet in my office: another PC running VMWare ESXi, which has a bunch of various VMs on it including: a few Linux VMs, a Solaris VM, FreeBSD, and hell, even a Windows 2008 server VM.

Next to the VM server: a 4-bay QNAP NAS where I store all my stuff. Connected to it: a 4-bay RAID5 enclosure that serves as a directly-attached backup for the NAS.

In my living room: an HTPC made with components that are a couple of years old, running Windows 7. Why's it there? I digitize all of my DVDs and Blu-Rays, and use it to play them in the living room.

Next to that: my router. A small mini-ITX system with 3 GigE interfaces in it, running Linux off of a USB stick, and routing all of the traffic through my cable modem and around the house.

Lots to read, but the executive summary is: use what works for you.

(And yes, I change my own oil, and do a lot more than that, too).

"Personally I like a lady with a tramp stamp... gives me something to read while I'm disappointing her." --GioaJack (RIP)
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