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Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
You're just being whiny. Comparing milled aluminum unibody to the plethora of craptastic black plastic pc laptops and calling them bland is funny.

People can argue specs all they want but in terms of design there is no comparison.

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A number of PC makers make Mac-quality cases now. Check out the Dell XPS Ultrabooks & HP Envy Ultrabooks.

The Dell XPS Ultrabook is one I've used for about a week on loan from a friend. It's very, very nice, machined aluminum and carbon fiber. Starting at $1000.

Though my current laptop, about 2 1/2 years old, is an HP Pavilion dv6, and yeah, this thing is kinda junky. One of my hinges is loose and the body feels like a Mattel toy. To be fair to it, I expected it to fall apart within a month or two. I'm a VERY heavy user, my computer is on with diligent notes being taken for hours practically every day, and my typing strikes are pretty hard. But it has hung in there, knock on wood.
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