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Macs users remind me of the type of people who don't change their own oil (or don't even know that it needs to be changed..) They don't care how anything works, they don't care if the issues they are seeing are being caused by themselves, and they have some strange idea in their mind that PCs are unreliable -- very much like someone driving 150,000 miles without changing the oil, and then complaining that their car is unreliable.

One other thing that doesn't get touched on very much is that the amount of choice you have is extremely limited with Macs. Am I the only one who noticed that Macs are all the same color with the same bland, overly-minimalistic appearance? Where is the choice of being able to pick something that reflects your personality? I thought Apple was so wonderful and innovative -- yet, their computer cases are nothing more than a rounded rectangle that any design student could create in 5 minutes. Frankly, these simplistic designs we see from Apple time and time again are about as interesting as a room full of Japanese businessmen in their grey suits. How exciting, innovative and creative! Heck, you can't even get one in black.

Oh, and by the way, once more virus creators start targeting Apple you'll be seeing the same kind of problems you had with Windows (it's already happening, actually.) And that is because the problem lies with the users, not the OS. If you run a program that is meant to delete all your files on a Mac, it will delete all your files. Macs are not magical. The only issue right now is that 99.99999% of the malware/viruses floating around only run on Windows. Wait until they become more common on Macs. Take a look:
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