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Originally Posted by Ruggles View Post
Those classic aircraft do not have active weapons. I don't see how that is relevant to this matter. As for household chemicals, that build your own point has already been made and debated.
Hmmm, not that hard for someone that owns the aircraft to put active weapons in. The simple fact is the people that own them are responsible like about 98% of the rest of the weapons owning private citizens.

There will always be loons that will misuse their rights and deprive others of theirs. But that is part of the price of freedom and liberty. And in a truly free society the armed citizen that has no intent of harming others stands a better chance of stopping someone than those who are unarmed.

But the whole intention and point of the 2nd Amendment was to ensure the citizen had the capability and power to keep the federal government in check should they step out of line. This intent has been covered in numerous documents created by the authors.
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