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Originally Posted by Ruggles View Post
No offense but that is way to simplistic. The weapons systems of then are not the weapon system of now. Drive down to the local megamart store, look around and tell me you want all of those folks with free access to some RPG7s, SA7s, maybe a surplus T-60, or some nice chemical weapions...or how about your neighbor storing a half dozen 500lb bombs in his garage?

Also the militia of the 1700s were on par with the military arms of the day as the musket and cannon were much more basic weapons than today. That type of balance between the civilian and military of today is simple not achievable. Using it as a point of debate is simply outdated IMO.
Some people own and fly vintage aircraft, such P-51's, P-38's etc., not to mention B-25 bombers and the like. Any strafing going on in the news.

However, there are household chemicals, that can be used in making explosives. If your intentions are to kill, you'll find a way.

We need to protect our selfs against oppression. I know, good luck with that one.
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