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Originally Posted by RoyL View Post
Ho do you get brass to the face, unless you are practicing defensive-hold shooting, or something like that?
Before you say that, do the research. There are PLENTY of videos showing ejection to the right, to the rear and to the left. Any way you cut it, ejection to the LEFT is wrong!
I have a Model 26 Gen4, almost new. Ejection was erratic for the first four or five magazines. After that it became a bit more predictable. Seems normal to me.
Not every gun fails and most don't fail until they get up around 1000 rounds. Yours may never fail. But that doesn't diminish the fact that other guns are failing. Including my G21SF. For the first several hundred rounds it ejected to the right a couple of feet. Not robust but ok. Now, a fair percentage of the brass is coming straight back, dribbling off my right arm and, yes, ejecting to the left. Not the kind of thing I want to see. Most of the complaints revolve around 9mm but that's only because most of the gun sales are 9mm.
One thing I proved to myself, and this is for the Glock haters, when I pull the trigger on this new Glock, it does exactly what my other Glocks have done - "BANG". No FTE or FTF. It just shoots. It is easy to clean, and it is easy to check the safety system. It won't rust, and it feels terrific in the hand. It shoots straight, and it needs no modifications, except some really good night sights.
And that certainly isn't unique to Glock. I have Colts, Sigs and even an XD9 and they all work just fine with everything I shoot.

The real disappointment isn't that there are problems with Glocks. The problem is that there doesn't seem to be a universal 'fix' that makes all these threads go away.

I bought a Glock because I had heard good things about the platform and I had never owned one. It was just an experiment as I certainly didn't need another .45. Seems I came to the dance too late. The Glock Perfection was long gone.

Nobody comes with the intent to start yet another thread re: poor ejection. They come here because they HAVE poor ejection and want to know if there is even a possibility that it can be corrected. Everybody want their Glocks to run like the old guns. The guns that used to be Perfect.

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