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For me, the Mac-PC questions boils down to how mechanically minded the purchaser is.
The guy who changes his own oil or installs his own tile in the kitchen is a PC guy and the guy pays others to do such things for him wants a Mac. I just got a new laptop myself.
Its a PC, an ASUS. the reason I got this particular model is I can open it up easily and do upgrades. I put a second hard drive in it within a week of buying it, (it has a second drive bay), because I bought the thing for my work as a video producer. Now I have over a terabyte on board and the i7 core has all the power I need to process HD video in the field.
The average user really doesn't need the guts I have in the ASUS G74SX, unless they want to play the latest games, but some guys and gals will always be in the "modify club" who want their computer to do this or that better and faster.
The Mac folks I know aren't much for taking their machines apart. They don't need to or want to. That's kinda where the Mac came from. Built to satisfy a market for people who never wanted to learn "computing" which you had to do in the old days on the first "Personal Computers" which is what "PC" stands for.
I got into computers in the 80's because I wanted to do digital art and play games.
I learned to open them up and add things to them because, then, you pretty much had to buy the higher performance components and put them in yourself and install the software. Folks did this with Macs as well, but they were mostly professionals doing printwork or music or video, not someone who wanted a word processor that didn't take three months to learn how to use.
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