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Originally Posted by .264 magnum View Post
1. One can easily make an appointment over the net and see an Apple Genius Bar person with no wait.

2. For many issues a Genius Bar person will help without Apple Care.

3. Apple Care also avails one to extensive over the phone/email support. For the record I don't buy Apple Care.

ETA - Apple stores also put on little scheduled tutorials about various things Apple - like it or not that's advantage over pc makers. I've never anything similar from a PC maker.
Apple has the best support for their products out of probably any other company. I would not try to argue against that. Having said that, I have never taken my computer to an Apple store because I am capable of fixing whatever goes wrong myself, so even the best warranty is not a selling point for me. I am much more concerned with how much I get for the price I pay.

And my own personal experience with my mac as well as my friend's mac solidified my belief that a mac and a high-end PC will last and perform the same. His computer ran like absolute crap before I got to it. A RAM upgrade helped quite a bit, and wiping and reinstalling Snow Leopard helped even more. All computers will slow down over time, and there is nothing magical about OSX that prevents performance degradation.

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