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Originally Posted by Ruggles View Post
Thru the interpretation of the 2nd A.

1. The meaning of "a well regulated militia" (regulated by who?, are only militia members protected?)
State's have their own "malita" or gaurd. New Mexico has them, Texas has them. They are well regulated in that they are uniformed, have a ranking sytem, and their own armories of "scary NFA things".

2. The meaning of "Arms" (what is covered in the meaning and what is not)
Arms means weapons. The kind the folks had durring this period was military grade.

3. The meaning of "Infringed" can even be viewed as any "violation" of the right or only past a certain point of "violation" of the right.
Sure you can eat pizza, but only the end crusts, with no topings, sauce, or cheese. I haven't infringed on your ability to enjoy pizza have I? Because, technically I left you the crust ends after I was done.

The very reasons this thing has been in debate for decades by so many.
I guess for the permanently baffled who don't undertand history and have to move their mouth when they read.

Not gonna be settled here, or anywhere else. It will be a ongoing debate IMO. With scholars, experts and passionate laymen on both sides. Of course I am a huge anti gun guy for even bringing this stuff up I guess?
No, politicians with agendas. Why do you think it is hotly contested who gets to place justices? Because, they intepret based on their own political agendas and the Constitution be damned.
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