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Still a machine

Originally Posted by sputnik767 View Post
If people say it's a good idea to spend $250 on warranty for you mac, it would seem to imply that the mac is not as reliable as people say.


Having said that, my computer is approaching 2.5 years old. Had I bought Applecare, it would absolutely have been a waste of money. Admittedly I am perfectly capable of fixing computers myself, but even if not, Google has everything you could possibly need to know. And certainly a brief google search is more cost effective than spending $250 only to wait in line for a few hours while an Apple Genius does the exact same thing.
In my personal experience, I've had fewer problems from Macs than PCs, but that said, it's still a machine which can fail and if given enough time, will. Couple that with the expense of repairs - the Apple battery was $130 I believe - and the warranty may look more attractive. Of course, YMMV.

And I've never waited hours at an Apple Store, though I'm sure experiences vary.
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