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I like Macs
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It wasn't the "marketing" that got me hooked on Mac. In fact, I was one of the biggest scoffers. I bought an old iBook off of eBay (mostly to make fun of it), and just see "how the other half lived". I fidgeted with it a bit and realized the thing was actually very cool. I just enjoyed the interface, the feel of the keyboard and was surprised at how fast such an old computer was. I was actually using that thing quite a bit while my new-ish Dell (which had been one problem after another) was sitting there collecting dust.

Eventually I upgraded to a "newer" used iBook and used it for quite a while then finally took the plunge in 09 and got a brand new MacBook. It was, and actually still is a great machine. I did end up getting a new 2012 MacBook Pro when they came out in like June of this year. I am not sure I really needed the Pro, but the timing was right so I jumped on it. The Pro had been pretty amazing.
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