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Originally Posted by robrides85 View Post
lol. A couple grand is some serious overkill for web browsing, photos, and a word processor. Typing this on a MBPro, but fiance's Dad's Mac Mini recently bit the dust (replaced with a year-old iMac), about a year after the family's 7-year old Macbook also bit the dust. Lower your expectations - you'll be happier in the end run.
No kidding. It's kind of a silly argument - arguing about which computer you can buy off the shelf is better. If you really cared about having the most badass computer you would build it yourself. It's like getting heated arguing which is better, a Sentra or an Accord, which probably is used mostly to drive to Trader Joe's and pick kids up from school. There are 1,000+ hp sports cars out there, relax, take it down a notch.
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