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Originally Posted by robrides85 View Post
lol. A couple grand is some serious overkill for web browsing, photos, and a word processor. Typing this on a MBPro, but fiance's Dad's Mac Mini recently bit the dust (replaced with a year-old iMac), about a year after a 7-year old Macbook also bit the dust. Lower your expectations - you'll be happier in the end run.

That's why I said earlier in this thread that I'd spring for a MB Pro, for example, if I was doing a ton of graphic intense applications for my business or something.

Apple's laptops and desktops have never been less distinguishable from PCs, which is to be expected given that they use the same Intel chipsets now, except that Apple's OS is demonstrably worse than Windows.

For 95% of the population, a $300 Black Friday or Cyber Monday Acer laptop will do everything they'd ever need to do, and more. Spend $700+ on a Windows laptop, which is still only 38% of what a MB cost, and you'll really be flying.
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