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Originally Posted by IndianaMatt View Post
I will definitely consider it. The Apple store said I think I have like 30 days to get AppleCare. People seem to say its a good idea.
If people say it's a good idea to spend $250 on warranty for you mac, it would seem to imply that the mac is not as reliable as people say.

I personally would not, and did not. Nothing inside the computer, except for the battery and motherboard (naturally) is proprietary. The hard drive and RAM are all off the shelf components. I have personally replaced the HD with an SSD and upgraded the RAM on my MBP using standard components that I bought from newegg. There is no such thing as Mac/Apple RAM or anything else. Apple makes absolutely none of the hardware, with the exception of the motherboard being made specifically for them, just like with any other laptop. If something does go wrong, it will likely be the hard drive, and they are very cheap. It is also very rare for something to go wrong while the computer is under warranty. Remember, no matter who provides the warranty, it is still a money-making operation for the warranty supplier. More likely than not, the $250 to extend the warranty 2 additional years is money down the drain. Absolutely nothing should go wrong with your computer during the span of 3 years, and if something should happen, it will likely still be cheaper to replace on your own.

Having said that, my computer is approaching 2.5 years old. Had I bought Applecare, it would absolutely have been a waste of money. Admittedly I am perfectly capable of fixing computers myself, but even if not, Google has everything you could possibly need to know. And certainly a brief google search is more cost effective than spending $250 only to wait in line for a few hours while an Apple Genius does the exact same thing.

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