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Originally Posted by FLAWLS1 View Post
I fired only 90-100 rounds through it. Bird shot, 00 buck, & slugs. It ate everything perfectly and didn't have any malfunctions. I would highly recommend a 930 SPX to anyone because it can't be beat for the price. The only thing I didn't really like about it was the finish marred up easily and field stripping it, which is EASY, but the Benelli M4 is MUCH easier/quicker.
I love my m4 excellent shotgun but i have had a lot of issues with the camo finish on it. Really bummed on how cheap it is. Probaly lost about 20% of the finish now. Its my only camo gun and heard thats commen with camo finishes so i learned my lesson will never bye a camo gun again. The important part is my m4 runs like a champ and is a joy to shoot. Maybe i will refinish it after about half of it is gone.
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