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Originally Posted by Ruggles View Post
Could be, no doubt. But that has what to do with a guy buying a half dozen grenades at Uncle Keiths Surplus Store and then dropping them in the local cineplex?

Because we can not realistically protect against all threats we protect against none?
Everything. You think by denying a citizen the ability to purchase an explosive you are preventing it's deployment. But in fact it's a fallacy based on false hope.

I can very easily build my own rockets. The parts are readily available and the technology for simple rocket propelled grenades and even short range rocket are easy to construct. Do I build them? No, I have no need to... yet. But I know how, I learned in 8th grade (got into trouble for it too).

Grenades... same thing. You argue based on the premise that denial and restriction is what keeps people from breaking the law, but that is simply not true. Someone that is determined and feels they have a need can and will attain it. The fundamental difference is what they create may not be as effective... but it doesn't have to be. It just needs to work.
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