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Originally Posted by Ruggles View Post
Citizens vs standing armies via 1770s and same thing via 2010s are vastly different. For example you name one military piece of equipment in the 1770s that could not be fully countered by militia forces. There is not one. Try the same exercise in 2012 and we can all name dozens upon dozens. If you really want to change the laws you had better come up with a more reasonable and realistic debate point than that. That one will get exactly zero in a open debate, in court, in any legislature or with the American people IMO.

Who is timid about the 2nd A? Because I don't believe what you do about it's meaning in 2012 I am timid?
Hmmm, yet history says a different story. Militia's and guerrillas have been standing up to and inflicting death and destruction in the face of heavier armed adversaries and their will has still not been broken. You can kill a man but killing an ideal is much more difficult. And Freedom is one hell of an ideal many are willing to fight for.
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