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Originally Posted by Ruggles View Post
Who knows what the actual percentage is or ever was for that matter? How are you going to compare percentages you have no ideal about? You asked so you tell me what percentage of firearms sales are to folks already owning firearms and what percentage to first time buyers. I do not know myself.

I would add that it really does not matter, you implication that American society is somehow turning over all personal responsibility for security to the government is not shown in the economics of the firearm industry. Look at the boom in sales of small compact carry handguns and ARs for example.
His implication is dead balls on. Look at the meteoric rise of social programs, unemployment extensions, food stamps and now universal government health care. Look at the "prodigies" being graduated from the public school system.

When people hear I live off grid, raise and hunt much of my own food and **GASP!!** maintain firearms for the purpose of defending my home and family, they are confused by this choice of lifestyle. It scares the crap out of them, the simple concept of being RESPONSIBLE for ones own welfare is FOREIGN to them.

More proof is in the various natural disasters that have hit our nation these last few years. The number of citizens that were PREPARED to take care of themselves continues to dwindle. The expectation of the government to rescue them and care for them increases. So yes... his implication is correct.
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