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Originally Posted by Pilotdude3407 View Post
Ok, I think my entire post was taken out of context. Maybe I wrote it wrong since I was up well before my morning coffee. I am no way implying that the middle class shouldn't own weapons of any type. But again, I am saying what is reasonable. Here is the hard truth...under NO circumstances are we ever going to see the NFA or 86 ban just go away and they say, ok have whatever you want. And before you say something like "not with that attitude", I am just being realistic. I wish it wasn't that way but it is. So how can we get as much out of this as we can? Having the all or none attitude is not getting us anywhere. We can complain all day long about how this is unconstitutional and that is not fair...but it is reality. The only people that are going to overturn any of our gun issues today will be the Supreme Court. I don't know about all of you, but I am not holding out hope on them saying, you have to lift alllll restrictions. It will never happen. So how can we get some or a few restrictions lifted? I think at best they will lift the MG ban, but you will still have to go through red tape. So, y'all can call me a Brady supporter (which I am not), you can jump me for being the unpopular thinker, but I am saying this is the world we live in now, and shy of overthrowing the government, I don't see this stuff being unrestrictive to the point of buying it in hardware stores. So instead of trying and swing for the fence, maybe we should fight one little fight at a time and be reasonable about what is expected of us. Like I said, don't blame me, you can blame the few or many that have chosen to not follow the laws and rules, and in general, common sense. More importantly, you forget that people...citizens...voted for these people that put these laws into place. And what's worse is that they continue to vote for them. So I am not the problem here.And, while some gun prices are waaaayyy over inflated, stuff like heavy machine guns (M2's) and light machine guns (M60, M249) are not cheap to begin with, even for the us government who buy boat loads of them. So you aren't going to see 3-400 dollar machine guns...never. Plus you still have to operate them and that is expensive...maybe over inflated, but still isn't cheap.
Yes, you are the problem because you will accept it as "it's the thing now". And yes, you still sound exactly like a Brady Campainer.

If Rosa Parks hadn't stayed put, where would we be?????

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