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Great post

Originally Posted by Kingarthurhk View Post
They had free access to the 18the century equivalents.

If we are going to use the "idiot test" then we should just abandon the Constitution, and simply ban people from things they are too "dumb" to handle. I guess that would decrease the populous exponentially when the folks that need to read caution lables on simple items died out by attrition.

On that note we may as well deny stupid people the right to voe (look where that has gotten us). We should deny stupid people driver's licenses so they can't injure themselves or others with 5 ton weapons that hurtle down the from at 85 plus miles per hour.

There are already a whole group of stupid people that already own firearms. I have met many. Loading the wrong ammo in a weapon, inserting magazines backwards, causually waving around a loaded weapon like it is a ciagrette. I could go on.

Which constitutional guarantees should we arbitrarily strip from the stupid? I am sure we can think of more than just the 2A.

The idiots already have them. They are called criminals, and laws mean nothing to them. Go to Peurto Rico, it is not uncommon for neighborhoods to already have these prohibited NFA items including RPG's. But, they belong to the criminal element that holds its populous capitve and the police don't dare venture in to do anything about it. They are outgunned.

I had a friend that worked and lived there. He said on a quiet night from his high rise he could watch and listen to the automatic fire and explosions going on. So, what I am hearing is that the regular folk can't be trusted with what the criminal element already have at their personal disposal.

These NFA weapons aren't affordable beause they have been made purposely expensive for those that actually want to obey the law. Now, if you are a Crip or a Blood on the West Coast, you simply have your full auto AK's smuggled in from China. They have them. You don't. Seems unablanced, don't you think? I have yet to meet a smart gang member of any gang. So, now you have supid criminals with NFA weapons, and law abiding citizens who can't possibly afford the legal ones that Congress infringed upon in the 1980's.

So, only trust fund weirdos like Ralph Lauren the rapist should own them? I guess they are the only people who should be able to vote too? The reason these weapons are expensive is because the 2A was infringed upon to make them rare. When there are few items, the market makes them more expensive.

Yes, because regular middle class folks can't be trusted to tie their own shoes? There are plenty of honest middl class people who can't pay for an NFA firearm what it would cost to buy a new car. Again, because the 2A was infringed upon making them cost prohibitive to anyone but the wealthy elite, and the criminal class who steal them, modify prexisting ones, or have them smuggled into the country.

Look at your stryrophome coffee cup some time and read the warning lable. Foolishness has been legal for a long time now.

Because middle class people are by their nature dumb and ignorant?

The price tag on NFA items has been artificailly inflated. Before the NFA they were available in any hardware store.

Again, the middle class people. Strange everyone hates them. They are the backbone of the country. Who else should we infringe upon their constitutional rights in your opinion?

Let's take your though process a step further. How about doing that to all firearms? Then, of course, only the law abiding citizens would put up with that. But, if they are law abiding, you don't trust them with their own liberty. Yet, you just blithely accept the criminal element having them. That is a really dysfunctional perspective.

Yeah, because we want gang bangers to have ease of access and the the law abiding citizen to be wrapped up in red tape.

it's nice to someone standing up for our rights, and it's alarming to see people spouting rhetoric that will end private arms ownership on a pro gun forum
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