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Originally Posted by Coffee Dog View Post
Lets not forget that this is the best feeding caliber making it very,very reliable.
That is a good point. most of today's autos are reliable, but the 357 sig could use a huge hollow point and still feel I'll bet.

I've only owned a old 380 ACP (grandfathers I gave to uncle) a 1911 45 ACP that eventually was stolen back in 1987

And the two guns I have now. a 6 inch Lamma Super Comanche .44 mag (a copy of Smith 29) and a 2 shot 3 inch bll Derringer in .44 mag.

I have been wanting to get another auto-loader for some time. I have always been biased to the .45

But have since after much research, lean to the 9mm over .45 slightly less stopping power per shot, but much more rounds. Then the 40 looks good also.

I'm not biased, I get to start with what I want.

If a thief is in my house or garage and I hear them and go to investigate, you never know what they might do, some crooks will give up, others will run, but a lot of them would just as well kill you, as to leave no one to identify them.

If I'm out mushroom hunting and run into some portable meth lab, chances are they may want to get rid of the witness.

I do not want to have to kill someone, that is for sure.
But if I am forced to defend myself I want the attackers to be stopped, not pissed off and coming at me with a knife while I hold a empty smoking 9mm that had 17 rounds.

Nothing is a death ray no is anything 100% but the
125 grains in 35 caliber at 1450 fps has seemed to prove it self through time as the best chance.

Used to be it was the 357 magnum with 6 shots vs the 9mm with 18 shots and it was a close call. now we have the 357 sig with factory 125's at 1500 fps from 4 inch barrels and 16 shots

After the research of REAL world results, I chose the
Glock 32 357 Sig. I think for stopping power it edges out the 9 +p+ 40 S&W and 45 acp, esp with gold dots.

The 10mm might be better with 155's gold dots at 1500 fps for stopping power, but bigger heavier thicker frame guns and much more recoil..

The downside to the 357 sig is no one sells ammo for it where I live, we have gadr mnt and at least 30-40 other guns shop in the area, and no one carries any 357 sig guns or ammo. I called guns shops in Indianapolis (78 miles from me) and no one there that I called has the guns or ammo.
nor do they have any 10mm's.
Everyone seems to be satisfied with average, the 9-40-45 and nothing else exists.
I had to have a shop order my 357.

my friend used to love the 357 revolver Smith 19 and 686 from 20 years past , now he has 9mm and 40's. he's going to crap his pants when I come by with a 357 auto loader.
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