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What most surprises me in the second account is that the two NYPD officers' guns are identified as a Smith & Wesson and Glock G-19. When was the last time a news story identified the weapons used without the purpose of vilifying the handgun?

Both detectives opened fire. A 48-year-old detective pulled the trigger on his Smith and Wesson pistol five times while the other, who is 42, shot once using his Glock 19.
It seems to me that the perp Rivera is the cops' best witness, and that the dead man's pattern of criminal activity finally caught up with him in the most effective manner.

“They're cops, you idiot,” the alleged drug dealer, Nolan Rivera, 33, told his 42-year-old pal just before cops fired in the 11:45 p.m. incident, according to NYPD spokesman Paul Browne.
The first account indicates that Rivera and the dead man were unknown to each other while the second account identifies the deceased as Rivera's "pal".
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