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Originally Posted by LawScholar View Post
The single thing this thread has accomplished has been to make me want my first 1911 that much more. Fail, OP.

Was very impressed with the Ruger SR1911. But also very impressed with the Colt next to it.

Guess I'll save my pennies and surprise myself.
Well as long you don't intend to ever use it in self defense and only as a range gun you will be fine. I mean I like the 1911 too but until it has some real world combat testing, say in every clime & place that you can take a gun over say a century or so with say millions of troops then I would not trust it as a platform for self defense.

When it gets that under it's belt I will be a believer. Until I will stick with that grandaddy of all handguns the Glock. I mean hell the Glock was killing them Krauts back in WWI you know

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