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Originally Posted by unit1069 View Post
...In the early 1900s the .38 Special didn't get the job done for the military so the .45ACP was developed, which still works to this day...

Actually, primary historical sources show that the .45 Colt SAA's, that were hastily "un-mothballed" during the Philipine Insurrection, did no better against the Moros due to the pointy lead bullet used that usually zipped right through an adversary. Elmer Keith wrote of this.

In the 1920s the .38 Super was created and from what I can tell it's still a
credible (if expensive) self-defense caliber available in the 1911 platform...
The .38 Super was designed as a better way to penetrate auto bodies as well as primitive 1st Gen body armour during the Gangster Era.

In the 1930s the .38 Special had issues for LEO so the .357 Magnum was created
and to this day is the standard by which all other handgun effectiveness is measured.

Actually, Doug Wesson designed it a hunting round.


I'm no ballistics expert...
You ain't an historian either.
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