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Originally Posted by bac1023 View Post
Thanks RJ

Yeah, its not like the guy was asking questions or seeking info. He was just making clueless statements and looking for a reaction.

He has since vanished from the thread.

I felt that OhioGlock90 calling you a “jerk” is totally unwarranted. You are one of the last individuals on this forum to deserve being called a “jerk”. (If someone called me a jerk, I would plead guilty. It is in my nature. In my line of work, people came to me because they wanted a "junkyard dog" that wanted to rip the opposition apart, limb by limb, not someone who is warm and fuzzy)

I routinely see you complementing people and trying to make them feel good about a firearm that they recently purchased or own.

Nor have I found you to be niggardly (and for you brain dead illiterates with a reading vocabulary of a sixth-grader, that is not a racial slur) with your knowledge and I have observed that you routinely seem to be willing to help. I find you to be gracious and kind.

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