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Originally Posted by Glock30Eric View Post
My suggestion is a really dangerous and very effective. Please take a careful consideration in this.

You might want to talk with your two or three friends with a van to have a mock break-in your house while your GF is in the house. That will surely give your GF a reality call. You'll might have to deal with cops responding to this call. You'll have to pay some of $$ for few of broken windows.

I don't really think your GF will want to stay with you after all of this, lol. At least I gave you something to think about.
That is the stupidest crap I have heard in a long time. You weren't the guy I went across four lanes to draw down on for pretending to kidnap your daughter were you?

The guy got as big as saucers when I ran the stop sign and went across all four lanes when he decided it would be funny to pull up fast and jump out and snatch her walking home from school.

He about ate a Glock 19 that day.

The moral of the story is don't do stupid crap like you are suggesting, it could end badly. Had the dude decided to speed off without explanation it would have broke really ugly.
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