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I'm sure glad I'm not the only one that can't see any logic behind the OP's post considering he's never even owned a 1911.

How the hell can someone formulate a opinion about something they've never owned?

If the OP was paying any attention in the last few years, he would know that Glock has been plagued with many problems as well. I've owned many 1911 pistols over the years. Some have been good and some have been bad.

Just like anything else, you get what you pay for (with very few exceptions.)

I've had nothing but good experiences with the semi-custom and full custom 1911's and mostly bad experiences with factory 1911's.

That doesn't make me hate them nor would I say they are a poor choice for a defensive handgun. Many people trust their life to one on a daily basis and for good reason. They work.

As for me, I'll pass on the 1911 for a defensive handgun for many reasons but mainly because I don't care for any single action handgun in general.

The OP feels that the Glock is a better choice over the 1911 and I feel there are better choices over the Glock.

Opinions are like arse holes. Everyone has one and thinks their opinion is the only one that doesn't stink.
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